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Swansea University

By ,Written on Feb 27 , 2019

International Relations, MA

Overall Rating

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years at Swansea Uni.
The Canoe Club has made my experience 100% better than I would have had had I not joined.
My undergraduate degree in Geography was the best 3 years of my life. My Masters however is lacking.

Student Union

I think the SU has done a marvellous job in the 4 years I have been at Swansea. I don't get involved in the events because I have a large social life with my own society and a heavy workload.

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies are by far the best thing at Swansea Uni.
I have spent 4 years in my current society and it is like an ever growing family. We socialise together, we live together and we even help each other with our studies.
Sport societies are an amazing way to keep active with multiple training sessions in a week.

Uni Facilities

I do not use my college's facilities. If I need to study I will go to the library, if I need to contact the college I will email them and if I have any resource issues I go to the Information Desk in the library.

Course and Lecturers

What I like the most is how some lecturers convey the information in an interesting way because they are experts on the subject and find it genuinely interesting.
What I least like about my course is how the most experienced lecturer I have had makes the module dry and uninteresting during lectures as he crowns us with little information and creates no links to the subject matter.

City Life

City life in Swansea is amazing. Outside of the city centre it feels like a mall town. The Gower is mere minutes away by car and the community feel (especially up here in Mount Pleasant) makes you feel safe.

Job Prospects

Swansea Uni has the SEA award in which you can earn bronze, silver or gold status in transferable skills and in skills that are essential to boosting your job application in comparison to other applicants.

Student Support

I have not had any personal support from my college.

Feedback from my lecturers this year has been appalling though. It took well over 2 months for some feedback for coursework to come back and I feel that this is unacceptable.

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