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Swansea University

By ,Written on Nov 06 , 2020

Applied Criminal Justice and Criminology, MA

Overall Rating

I have loved my student experience at Swansea University. I left school in the 1960s but was unable to attend university due to personal circumstances but have spent my whole life regretting not being able to do so. When I discovered I could attend as a mature student I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and the learning experience has changed my beliefs, values on just about everything as well as making me aware that my prejudices were unwarranted.
I was very aware of my seniority when I started my course and was anxious about not being accepted by my fellow students. I need not have worried because there was no judgement, by staff or students, that I had no right to be part of the undergraduate group.
My experience far outweighed my expectations and my only regret is that I couldn't do it earlier in my life.

Student Union

The SU has had little impact but that is because of my circumstances and is no reflection on the SU as I know they work extremely hard for Swansea students

Clubs and Societies

Again this is not an area I have been involved in but I know the university has excellent sports facilities and many students go on to perform at international level.

Uni Facilities

I have not been on campus this year but I know that the library has worked very hard during the lockdown period to increase the on-line availability of publications and this has been valuable for essential reading this semester.
Swansea University stands out because of its fantastic location. Both campuses have easy access to beautiful beaches which is a must for lovers of water sports. Swansea is in a very scenic part of Wales and the nearby Brecon Beacons is a haven for walkers and cyclists.
I cannot comment on the campus facilities as I never needed to use any of them, other than the well-stocked library, during my undergraduate years.

Course and Lecturers

The course is being taught on-line with 4 x 2hr lectures on one day with the rest of the week free for work at home. This was initially thought to be a good idea but 8 hours of zoom is very tiring so the lecturers held a poll to determine the way ahead for the rest of the semester and it was agreed that the teaching should continue as it was. I was pleased that our thoughts were considered with the possibility of a more flexible teaching programme.
The tutors are all very approachable and respond to queries quickly.
I don't feel my learning experience has suffered by not having face-to-face teaching in this semester.

City Life

I am a mature student living at home so haven't been involved in any of the amenities or entertainment on campus this semester. However, I am aware through Facebook and Newsletters, of all the work done by the Students Union on campus to provide a good student experience for those staying in Halls.
From my undergraduate years, I can confirm that both campuses are served really well by public transport. Swansea is a small coastal city. It has a reasonable shopping centre but is close to Cardiff which has better facilities. However, the city caters well for the student population and in non-coronavirus times provides a great nightlife scene for students.

Job Prospects

I am retired from full-time employment and have no desire or need to work again other than doing voluntary work when I have completed my Masters and the pandemic restrictions are over for vulnerable people.
However, I am fully aware of the career service activities of the university and can confirm that it places great importance on preparing students for the skills they need in their future careers.

Student Support

Prior to the national lockdown in March 2020 I decided that it would be safer for me not to attend the campus as coronavirus numbers were increasing and I am in one of the vulnerable categories. I notified my academic mentor and I was amazed at the outcome because not only did my lecturers contact me but to ensure I was OK but I had my mentor had notified the student welfare office who frequently contacted me to check on my general welfare. I live alone so really appreciated this at a very frightening period of the pandemic.
Swansea University has excellent support services available to all students.

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