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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Swansea University

Chemical Engineering MSc


Safal Mestri - February 2018

Awesome. I would love to continue my education here. It has been a great experience till now. I made so many friends from different cultures. I feel lucky that I got the opportunity to come here and study. read full review

Human Geography MPhil


Oli Kohler - February 2018

Wonderful, so I carried on for a further year. My undergraduate studies taught me skills which will benefit me in any future career I have. The staff are approachable and always willing to help. read full review
I came back to university to learn, and that's what I'm doing. Planning a project and delivering things to a deadline, with my own routine of independent study are very key skills to prepare myself for a PhD, or to decide whether that is for me or not. read full review
Great experience. MSc Bt research allows to work in a high impact research environment which is absolutely the support for students by the university read full review
The experience, so far has been academically and socially speaking outstanding, I am an student from Latin america with family, and the people on the Swansea University have been very helpful and kind with me, the place where we stay (beck House an University residence) is super comfortable, and is allocated very near from a lot of restaurants and retailers, the city is amazing, If I could have the chance certainly I would choose Swansea Again. read full review

Advanced Computer Science MSc


Hassan Eshkiki - February 2018

They have plan for future and now. what they will need for next year, how to get that. Every semester they have a board of study meeting and discuss about what they are going to do in following semester.
what is necessary for students to learn to get next step.
Regularly employers like google came to uni and students can learn how to pas interview or new learn new technology subjects. read full review

Biological Sciences PhD


Salman Tamaddon-Jahromi - February 2018

It has had its ups and downs. A cliche, but thats that.

Overall, I am moving in a positive direction. The question is could I be doing better? - That is what I will try to improve. read full review

Human Rights LLM


Rachel Pambianchi - February 2018

Very good, I also did my Undergraduate in Swansea University, and I would never have considered going anywhere else to study for my masters.
Overall the staff are so supportive and welcoming. Swansea University feels like a second home. read full review
It has been great but that is down to my lectures and department rather than the university itself.
I would recommend Swansea to anyone wanting to study at university level read full review
Excellent, great society’s, lecturers genuinely care, great social life and events, great city, great surroundings, beachhhhesss. New facilities, constantly updated. read full review