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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Swansea University

Overall, I had a very good time at Swansea University. I really enjoyed studying there under the supervision of the talented and experienced professors in all the course subjects. I have taken very informative courses that I always wanted to learn to further my professional background. Moreover, all of the university's facilities, classrooms and library are well presented and well-equipped. read full review
I thoroughly enjoy my time at Swansea. The people are so friendly, the beach and parks are amazing, and the University truly works to improve itself. It continues to do so well and ranks comparatively to some Russell Group unis. I enjoyed studying my undergrad so much that I decided to enrol in a Masters degree. I see this often at Swansea - once you're here, you just can't leave! read full review
All in all, my studying experience was very exhilarating. I will not forget this exceptional time in my life. I met individuals from all around the world, obtaining delighted memories. Unfortunately, all awesome things one day finish. read full review
I have loved my student experience at Swansea University. I left school in the 1960s but was unable to attend university due to personal circumstances but have spent my whole life regretting not being able to do so. When I discovered I could attend as a mature student I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and the learning experience has changed my beliefs, values on just about everything as well as making me aware that my prejudices were unwarranted.
I was very aware of my seniority when I started my course and was anxious about not being accepted by my fellow students. I need not have worried because there was no judgement, by staff or students, that I had no right to be part of the undergraduate group.
My experience far outweighed my expectations and my only regret is that I couldn't do it earlier in my life. read full review
I never expected to enjoy online learning as much as I am. It is incredibly flexible and I am getting the same quality of teaching as what I would if I was on campus. read full review
Very good! Very impressed with the university. It has an open door policy which is very useful. Excellent research capabilities which is very inspiring for my PhD read full review
So far it has been quite good. I did my undergraduate degree here and I'm currently on my master's. The support has been quite good and the facilities for my research have been very good, however most of the cutting edge equipment can be found on bay campus. read full review
I loved Swansea so much I came back to do my Masters. I couldn’t even think about leaving. Gutted that this will be my final year.

For future students I’d say to research what sports clubs and societies there are ahead of time and carefully plan which ones you want to do. read full review
It's been a great journey with lots of ups. The staff and teachers have really helped to achieve my goals and helped me grow in ever possible way to live up to my fullest potential read full review
Great uni. Amazing students from all over the world. Not one person in my friend group is from the same place, let alone country. Professors are very motivating and knowledgeable. read full review