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Teesside University, Middlesbrough

By ,Written on Feb 26 , 2019

Sports Rehabilitation MSc

Overall Rating

Im really thoroughly enjoying teesside. The library revamp is amazing and all the staff have been very helpful. The course could be better planned but i believe it is in review...

Student Union

Its fun. I get involved sometimes.

Clubs and Societies

Fun from what ive seen. Plenty of variety. Im not involved in qny but i see open days

Uni Facilities

Very good..

Course and Lecturers

Its too fast, progresses too quickly. The lecturers are kind and useful. I feel it would be useful to have some prelearning set when you get accepted to this course. Perhaps access to learn anatomy

City Life

Nice around campus. A big dodgey here and there

Job Prospects

Careers department is very usedul for help woth cv. The practical placements give you opritunity and experience in the real world

Student Support

Ive not used counselling but so far my tutors have been useful and respinsive

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