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The University of Law

By ,Written on Feb 21 , 2019

Legal Practice Course LPC

Overall Rating

I attended their Open Day before deciding to enrol and I must say it was quite informative. I was attracted by their Employment Promise that guarantees 50% cash back if I could not find a job which is a significant consideration for a foreign student who requires a work visa. My experience there is not too bad, though I wish the university was a little bigger and the food at the Café was cheaper. There aren't many international students so sometimes mixing around can be quite challenging.

Student Union

I am not involved. I don't really know much about it.

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Clubs and Societies

I am not involved therefore can't comment on this.

Uni Facilities

They don't have a simple microwave.

Course and Lecturers

I have a lot of respect for the tutors as their lectures are often clear and coherent. They also demonstrate a good level of knowledge in the modules they're teaching which is reassuring.

City Life

It is not as busy as in London which is a bonus point. I like how The University of Law in Leeds is quite near to many food stores.

Job Prospects

Careers developments frequently advertise vacancies at free legal aid clinics or pro-bono events.

Student Support

The tutors are professional and good. They also provide really constructive feedback.

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