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The University of Law

By ,Written on Nov 21 , 2019

Legal Practice Course LPC

Overall Rating

It has been average. The expectation that weekend students have time in the week to prepare for classes and take part in mock exams is not realistic and this needs to be reconsidered. Perhaps those who are studying part time need a different teaching structure.

Lecturers are hit and miss. Some are great and others treat us like children (most of my class are mature students).

Uni Facilities


Course and Lecturers

Most - the fact that resources are available online, in the case that I cannot attend a class.

Least - the expectation that those of us who are studying on the weekends only (part-time, due to working full-time Monday - Friday), are able to sit exams and assessments during the working week - how is this logical?

City Life

It is not a great location but the nearest next to me. I still have to drive 40 mins or so.

There are no local amenities - the train station is not very close.

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Job Prospects

A lot. They run classes for assistance with CVs, employability etc. They often have special guests who come to talk to us. Although I have never attended these talks, I often see emails and other communications around this.

Student Support

Average. Complaints were made in relation to poor teaching. It was not taken on board. Complaints were made about having exams during the week, this was not taken on board.

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