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The University of Law

By ,Written on Feb 12 , 2020

Legal Practice Course LPC

Overall Rating

The course is super interesting and I appreciate the open book exams. It is testing us more on our ability to use our legal skills rather than to retain large amounts of information.

I would ask however that more consideration be given to the part-time weekend students as they are the ones who have to move work around and take annual leave for exams etc. It is not fair.

Uni Facilities

Course and Lecturers

Love the most - the teachers! They teach so well and you can tell they want you to do well. (There is one anomaly but I won't name any names)

Love the lease - the structure of the course is so bad! We have just finished our last workshops this week and have exams for these in 3 weeks. It doesn't make sense. Also we have an exam that have had barely any lessons on and we have not been taught exam structure so god help us all.

City Life

Yes it is near Tottenham Court Road

Job Prospects

They hold employability events HOWEVER, there is nothing arranged for students that work full time so we never have the chance to attend.

Student Support

Mostly good although I am having trouble getting replies from teachers at the moment.

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