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The University of Law

By ,Written on Feb 28 , 2020

Legal Practice Course LPC

Overall Rating

I had and continue to have a mostly postive experience at this university just because of the supportive and law focused environment. The LPC is really enjoyable even though it is quite full on. They thow summer and winter balls, participate in legal runs to raise money for charity, have clubs and societies that sometimes have options to compete in competitions etc.

Uni Facilities

The university has a well equiped library with access to legal databases, printers, headphones and books. There are study rooms accommodate those wholike to study in peace. There is a ping pong table as well as access to a cafe and TV to control the music etc...

Course and Lecturers

I like how interactive and informal the teaching style is. e.g. you do prep work, attend classes and consolidate. During my undergrade course (LL.B) they decided to change the course design which ended up with me having to take assignments and exams when I signed up for exams. Also, some teaching styles of the tutors are not interesting enough but I guess that is just a personal thing.

City Life

The university is located in the city centre and although it can be expensive to get there, there are discounts on local bus or tram tickets. I didn't use accommodation but the distance was not an issue. As you can guess, the city centre has a whole load of amenities, like goods travel links, food shops, shopping mall, post office etc...

Job Prospects

The university is very involved in allowing you to take part in employability from the first year. They have in built lectures to help build skills for employment, probono opportunities that are presented at the beginning of each year and availability to get advice on CVs, job applications, interviews etc. I myself have taken part in The Personal Support Unit (now called Support Through Court) through university which was very rewarding.

Student Support

I'd say that the support from the welfare officer as well as tutors has been amazing. I have had a few personal circumstances were the welfare officer did her best to help me and keep me informed of any information relevant to me. The tutor have also set aside time to help me understand areas of law that I have not understood and always reply promptly. I would say that when it comes to scholarships and bursaries that are meant for people in need. There is a problem with between giving financial help to those who actually need it and just giving it those who score well on an assessment. An assessment should not determine who should get a scholarship or bursary.

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