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The University of Law

By ,Written on Oct 13 , 2020

International Business Law LLM

Overall Rating

Please refer to the first box. All the details lie therein. I still can't understand how this school is accredited and it is not considered a scam. What a waste of money.

Uni Facilities

All those students with their positive reviews need to know that isn't an actual university. It may offer an LPC but you can only pass if its coupled with an LLB or LLM and vice versa. They're looking for a plus-one and I mean that, academically. Their degrees have no value or worth in the job market and it is looked at with a great deal of condescension in the legal profession. If you walk in with an LLB or an LLM from the University of Law, your (potential) employers will laugh at you. Unless you have the LPC and a training contract in which case they'll laugh at you after you've left the room and taken a few steps. Only a wannabe lawyer, desperate to upgrade their academic credentials could ever possibly apply to such a school and program. Actual lawyers would think you went to the school because well, you couldn't go to an actual university offering a legal education. You want to be known as the guy or girl who failed at life but then decided to study law at this school to pretend they have a real profession? You wanna be taught by people who have spent far less time in school than your school-teacher? You want people, who wouldn't even be hired to tutor disabled children in an after-school session for free? No, right? Then, don't pretend to be a lawyer with the education they offer. Go to a real law school.

Course and Lecturers

City Life


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Job Prospects

They don't. The staff themselves don't have real jobs.

Student Support

Read the first box.

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