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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Think Space Education

Generally it has been a very positive experience for me, allowing me to focus on the areas I wanted to going in. But also pushing me to develop my skills in areas such as coding which I hadn't previously considered. read full review
It's been awesome, overall.

I feel like I've reached a new level musically, simply by being on the course and being placed with peers whose music challenges me to be as good as I can to stand out. It's an excellent simulation of a freelance work environment, as well as being supportive (both tutors and students are extremely helpful with questions and feedback!).

I think this course deserves an excellent reputation and I tell everyone about it excitedly (we get guidance from some AAA-standard industry professionals on a regular basis); my only true problem was that the course doesn't accommodate for a UK student loan, as that would stop me running around trying to secure finances to pay for the course and give me more time to focus on study. read full review
I absolutely loved the time at ThinkSpace. At times, terrifying (in a good way), challenging, and immensely rewarding, I would recommend it without hesitation. You really do get out of it what you put in. They will not spoon feed you, but expect you to behave as the future creative professional you aspire to be. Do that - ask questions, push, prod, and listen - and you will do well. read full review
I have learned a fantastic amount just in my first 4 months. The education has been out of this world, a focus on composition. The courses are brilliant and focused on real-world work. read full review