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By ,Written on Feb 20 , 2018

MSc Sport Management

Overall Rating

If I could go back to the summer I would not apply to come him here. Awful course, poor teaching and loads of money wasted. Do not be fooled by the pitch, it looks nice for a week and then you realise you’ve been conned as everything else taints the experience.

Uni Facilities

These are again poor. You have no access to a desk so if you want to make notes, you awkwardly balance a laptop or notepad on your lap for four hours. Lecturers often can’t understand how to use projectors and laptops. The new study hub is actually quite nice, and well fitted out.

Course and Lecturers

The teaching standard is generally very poor. Lectures often know little about sport/unbelievably the topic that they are lecturing on. You’ll find most just download slides from the internet, pass them off as their own and then are immediately exposed when you ask basic questions. At no point are you really challenged to do anything other than sit and passively absorb information.

Job Prospects

The only area where this uni is any good. They have strong FA and club contacts, but weighed against the course this is a difficult decision to make. You’d probably be better off not attending and instead contacting the FA directly to try and get an internship- that way you can save yourself £9500.

Student Support

The support offered by the Uni is shocking. This year we’ve had lecturers inherit previous staff members coursework task, only for the new lecturer to it understand what we are supposed to do. In the end you realise that stressing about this is pointless as throwing in a few references and acting as if you understand the coursework is usually enough to get a good mark. I’ve had instances this year where the whole class has been given copied and pasted feedback for coursework, showing little care or thought. If you want to do something challenging you are not encouraged to do so, and there is very often no reading to do for any of the modules. Staff and lectures take ages to respond to emails, and often do not help

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