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By ,Written on Feb 23 , 2018

MSc Sport Management

Overall Rating

Underwhelming and regretful really. The students there however are great and I got to see Wembley stadium, but educationally and mentally the experience has been very poor.

Uni Facilities

Very poor. I understand the fact that this takes place in a stadium would make this difficult, but not as difficult as I had imagined.
The library was pretty much non-existent, the locations of study where uncomfortable when the students could find the initial location. The online logins and services where slow and also baffling especially when trying to access journals and timetables. The security was good though.
Overall: Stressful 2/10

Course and Lecturers

Some of the teachers had a great approach to teaching and class interaction despite some of the content being dull/basic. However other teachers were poor in regards to lecture/seminar delivery and structure.
The thing I liked most: Those teachers I felt done a great job were engaging and professional.
The thing I liked least: The other teachers didn't demonstrate any desire to engage the class and continued despite numerous complaints for one individual teacher.
Overall: Inconsistent 5/10

City Life

I've lived in London for a long time, but I was around Wembley for the first time. Not much to say really, I grew up here.
Overall: 5/10

Job Prospects

Limited. Advertised before and during the course of the opportunities that can be provided. Throughout the course the content appeared very basic, in regards to both the Business side and Sports side. Transferable skills I would say non-existent, seemed like a course for football fans to debate about football.
Overall the efforts made to improve employability; relatively poor

Student Support

Some of the staff were helpful despite the lack of services the university could provide, others provided minimal/no support. Fairly inconsistent like the teaching.
Overall: 4/10

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