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By ,Written on Feb 27 , 2018

MSc Sport Management

Overall Rating

I enjoy a good amount of the course content. Assignments are interesting and you have a high degree of choice in what you can write about. There are elements of the course which isn't so good, but the fact I have gained a dream internship with The FA through UCFB means I am happy with my choice of Masters' course.

Uni Facilities

High quality being inside the stadium. Has a nice feel to it. Some lectures we are only provided with chairs to sit on, which after 4 hours isn't the most comfortable for taking notes with.

Enjoy the view of the pitch on a daily basis!

Course and Lecturers

Teachers try to have lots of interaction with the class. With only 25-30 students in my classes, there is as much interaction with teachers as you would like.

Happy with the level of some, but not all the teachers; quality is lacking in some areas of the course.

City Life

If you like London then obviously pretty good!

Job Prospects

Through UCFB, I have gained an internship with The FA. This has potential to be a career-changing moment for me, so I am very thankful to UCFB for that.

Last term, there were weekly posts providing information about potential internships you can apply for. Not all, but many interested me. However this term, the employability manager has left and this process seems to have slowed down somewhat.

Student Support

Lecturers generally try to help if you ask for it. Always responsive to emails and feedback is good (not always 100% punctual but where do you get that?)

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