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By ,Written on Jun 11 , 2018

MSc International Sport Management

Overall Rating

A very poor communication about Madrid details and flights generated uncertainty and late planning.
The option of several guest speakers coming from different industries were the high point.

Uni Facilities

The library is quite small but has good book material to study.
The classes inside pitch view are clean but there are no tables to put books, laptops and notes,it is a big issue.
The coffee shop Costa is a good option to eat but is the only one. The University should have a proper cantine with food and drinks options to sell in order to diversify the options. A small coffee place does not offer a basic food infrastructure for a university full of staffs and students.
The classes in the boxes are good, big area, clean and useful.

Course and Lecturers

I dislike the class being in classes like Pitch view west 1 and 2 and not having tables to use, just chairs is a big issue to study, we are talking about a master course, not a conference for 6 hours.

I like the fact that few professors are coming to teach from different countries make a different teaching. Examples coming from theories and either the market aggregate the course coming from professors from abroad.

Finance was an absolutely waste of time, could not learn a lot with the way he was teaching us. This second step in Madrid the professor is really good and easy explanation.

City Life


Job Prospects

UCFB sends from time to time emails and contacts for job opportunities in the sport industry market.

Student Support

Tutors feedback are good. The IT team is weak, I had several complications and from time to time I have to enter in contact to fix some problems that Ive got in my account for their mistakes.
Library - Reception and two ladies are lovely staff, a good recommendation for this guys.

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