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Ulster University

By ,Written on Apr 15 , 2019

Data Science MSc

Overall Rating

First year was amazing, I was really impressed, however, this was all ruined in the second year when the course management changed and it was moved to a different campus.

Student Union

Don't get involved as no time

Clubs and Societies

There's plenty of clubs and societies and something for everyone.

Uni Facilities

The removed the dual screens from the IT department. This was completely stupid so I would say the facilities are poor as this is an industry standard across IT and Data and is completely necessary.

Course and Lecturers

We have had some amazing lecturers, however, the course director and management communication with students is extremely poor and they regularly lie to students as well as ignoring concerns. They try to run lectures across two sites, but it doesn't work as the technology is ancient and they haven't invested. I would advise avoiding this course altogether because of the management.

City Life

Belfast is a great city. If you come to study you will really like it, just avoid this course.

Job Prospects

The course is very current and the content covered is excellent and gives a good grounding in Data Science, however, too much focus is spent on the theory and not the application. The University also needs to break the content down to be easier understood as some of the designers of the content are clearly very smart, but don't create content for students to easily understand.

Student Support

Terrible, the management are terrible at communicating with students and properly addressing concerns and never acknowledge emails and then take weeks to get back to you. It's completely inappropriate when there is so many issues.

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