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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University College Birmingham

So bad because students don't have a lift start from the ground floor and have to go to the 2nd read full review


Student Reviewer - February 2017

Good but some of the facilities need to be improved such as library hours. read full review
The university is much better than what it seemed before arriving here.
Everyone is nice to you and they get involved with your worries, suggestions and help you as soon as they can. They are a great team and also the students environment is good. read full review
It is great and I grow up a lot, but I think the uni should have a limit of international student. I came here for study international hospitality management but in my class mostly student come from my home country which is China. I mean I know this is normal now in UK but I'm still quiet disappointed. I wanna hear and see some different and learn some thing new, but sadly not really. It just lost the meaning of I come study aboard. Also for local students , it lose the diversity mean of "international m", it suppose to be intensional management! read full review
University College birmingham offer a real opportunity to international people to learn english and improve it during one academic year.
Additionnal services allow to improve our work and level read full review