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University College of Estate Management

By ,Written on Sep 03 , 2018

MSc Building Surveying

Overall Rating

Really poor. I did my last Masters at what I then thought was a bit of a naff polytechnic, but in comparison with UCEM it was amazing! At UCEM I feel like a cash cow, not like a student that they actually want to educate.

Uni Facilities

Not good - library resources are poor and no access to things like Eduroam wifi.

Course and Lecturers

Very few online articles are available, no access to things like British Standards.
Very little personal direction available from 'tutors'

This user did not feel that they could enter a score for this category.
City Life

NA - distance learning

Job Prospects

DO NOT DO THIS COURSE! It is terrible! The teaching is poor and access to resources / materials even worse. The most expensive mistake I've ever made. The 'tutors' don't care and don't give any one on one help. The review talking about extra lectures at Reading is wrong - there aren't any.

Student Support

There is no opportunity for personal discussion, for example asking if you are approaching an assignment the right way, for ideas for further reading or if the idea you have for your dissertation is a good one. Expected just to get on with doing the set tasks and not take any interest beyond this.
When I queried the comments of a marker, the response I got did not address the points that I had raised as to why I thought that they were incorrect. It just said that the maker was right and that I was wrong. Not helpful!
The people who do the Dyslexia stuff were however very good.

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