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University of Bath

By ,Written on Jan 21 , 2020

International Development with Conflict and Humanitarian Action MSc

Overall Rating

Absolute best time, though undergrad at Bristol was the best tome of my life but it’s got even better (but of course also a lot harder and more expensive ) . For undergrad students looking to take a year out before starting a masters I think this is a very good idea- I wish I had done in order to save up money for my rent and things (because you only get one loan at masters) and so now I’m having to work alongside my degree which can get very stressful at times. Other than that enjoy yourself and enjoy pushing you academic self even further!

Student Union

Again really good and really present in day to day life

Clubs and Societies

Incredible- so many on offer (just not enough time as a postgrad)

Uni Facilities

Very good- especially sports!

Course and Lecturers

Honestly it’s all the best I’m enjoying it so much, gets quite stressful and there are a lot of assessments but it’s so interesting

City Life

Yes, a campus university which I wasn’t used to but good bus routes back home and into the city

Job Prospects

Good, we’ve had career workshops weekly and have to do a placement

Student Support

Good there is a lot on offer if you are not feeling yourself and I know where to go to find it

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