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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Brighton

I really appreciate to study in a country which is totally different culture and language. People who I met in University of Brighton are friendly and kind to help international students. The method and notion of tutors are very different with my experience in my country Taiwan. I think the university values student to build and find their own ideas and teaching us how to find resource to support our ideas practically. Teachers encourage each students' ideas of their works.
If a student has initiative he or she can gain knowledge a lot in the uni! read full review
I really am enjoying it. Considering some of the negatives. My course is very interesting. We cover a lot of interesting topics. Brighton is pretty incredible as far as what I need and get from it. And the university does seem connected to a lot of interesting and relevant things in Brighton and seems to have a lot of useful facilities and resources available. read full review
The great educational system and intelligent tutors and leaders, and I love that I can challenge myself and be creative more! But need places where I can work late. read full review
It's been great. A positive, but expensive experience. The cafe is too expensive and there is no support for Art PGCEs in terms of Bursary so it would be good to have some help from the uni for materials and cheaper cafe items, but overall it is a great Uni. read full review
It's my second time round and it's very different to the first, lecturers are all very helpful and I love the small class sizes. It's a full on, very busy course but I like it because it's only 2 years read full review
I am enjoying studying at the University of Brighton again and the course is aiding me in my career progression by covering a wide range of aspects of the subject read full review
I am very happy. Facilities and staff working there are great read full review

Education MA


Oliver - January 2020

Being a PT Master's student is tough, and the workload leads to many dropouts. However, I honestly think that the support provided by the School team, and the quality of the teaching are exceptional. I am really enjoying the subject matter and being able to learn whilst working, and am grateful to the University of Brighton for making it happen. read full review
While there are drawbacks, most notably the housing situation and the campus I study at needing investment, the lecturers have made my university experience excellent. Brighton is a great place to live so overall I am really happy with my university experience. read full review



Emily - January 2020

Very positive, facilities and services have improved since I was an undergraduate student in 2012.
There seems to be a fairly high dropout rate but I put this down to students not appreciating the rigours of post-grad study. read full review