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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Brighton

While there are drawbacks, most notably the housing situation and the campus I study at needing investment, the lecturers have made my university experience excellent. Brighton is a great place to live so overall I am really happy with my university experience. read full review



Emily - January 2020

Very positive, facilities and services have improved since I was an undergraduate student in 2012.
There seems to be a fairly high dropout rate but I put this down to students not appreciating the rigours of post-grad study. read full review
pretty good and supportive. challenging work! there is a really good rapport with other masters and doctoral students. workspace provided for postgrads is really conducive to mutual support read full review
Its overall been good, there were issues in year 2 of my undergrad with upper management making decisions that affected many people, but the lecturers were very helpful read full review
Good, however you do not get the chance to meet anyone from other courses as you are away on placement so miss freshers, and do not see many people your own age ever read full review
Its been fantastic. I was never planning on coming to the university of brighton and I went through clearing at the last minute but it was the best decision I ever made! read full review
Very positive experience so far with each of my modules which have helped to expand my knowledge of research and how to apply it to my work as well as future practice read full review


Anonymous - November 2019

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