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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Bristol

Social Policy PhD


Student Reviewer - February 2023

I like the University of Bristol because the support it provides to students in terms of their courses, but also mental health. read full review

MA Anthropology


Melody - February 2023

Many newly renovated studying spaces were very convenient. read full review

MSc Public Policy


Miaomiao - February 2023

Best aspects: lots of resources such as library. the campus is big and the view is pretty. ppl are freindly and kind.

Worst aspects: the service quality of accomodation - Woodland Court is so bad. (I think it doesn’t belong to the university hall) they put money in the first place after student’s wellbeing.
The office only open on Wednesday.
They dont keep your parcel and just remind you to get it as soon as possible after lots of pracels are missing or opened by someone.
Didn't do anything such as put more survelliance and increase security after some tennants get robbed. Spend moeny on painting in winter to reduce cost and make the place prettier… the smell is leading some studetns having headache. read full review
The weather in Bristol is mild and comfortable. People here are helpful.
Accessing important information and training about getting support is a little tricky. The faculty work could be more efficient. read full review
Best: Global Lounge
Worst: Dissertation support read full review

MSc Public Policy


Brandon - February 2023

The city is amazing! I think the university is fantastic as well. I feel very well supported and feel very much a part of the local community. read full review

MA English Literature


Stephanie - February 2023

Beautiful campus, really interesting courses and inspiring teachers. Great city! read full review
Great Doctoral College, excellent supervisors!
Teaching organisation for PGR could be improved. read full review

History MPhil


Cat - February 2023

The University makes an effort to make postgraduate students feel part of the whole university experience. Events specifically organised for postgrad research students who might otherwise be feeling isolated. read full review
Best: friendly classmates, patient professors
Worst: strike read full review