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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Bristol

I would like to add I am not some bitter person who failed and it holding the university accountable. I am on track for a distinction. I am saying it is not worth it. I have not learned a valuable range of skill I have learnt to code and how may ribs a horse has. read full review
I love university life, my subject & would love to commit to studying for a Doctorate too, but there are just too many financial implications & it is far too difficult to get the required reading done for masters seminars with a 4 year old. I should have waited until he was older, as its not achievable alongside caring responsibilities, work (i currently have 2 part-time jobs) or constant job searching as in year 1. I may enter an EdD in my 50s (over 5 years away) when he is older & I have re-qualified as a Teacher as I could get a bursary for a PGCE. The reading load is fine if you're 24/5, Chinese & have no commitments in the UK other than studying while living on / near campus, but not otherwise & we study the units at the same pace 200 hrs in 10 weeks per unit, should be a separate part-time programme with 20 weeks per unit for part-timers with caring responsibilities or a job. read full review

Music PhD


David - February 2020

It is stimulating, multidisciplinary, and life-enhancing. I wish I'd embarked on academic research earlier. In general staff/PGR interaction is splendid which improves the experience. Additionally, opportunities for involvement in general university representation abound, as do opportunities to contribute to public engagement activities. read full review
My university experience at my university will be beneficial for my future career. I could use new knowledge and academic skills gained during my study to develop the education system in my home country. read full review
I feel really satisfied with our university.
It provides rich and complete support to every student, for example, study skills (academic learning); well-being service; many kinds of workshops, which makes us can fully and freely choose what we like. read full review
Very good in term of socialising, living abroad, city life, and so on. However, academically I was expecting a less biased (uk centric) approach, taking into account the number of international students Bristol has, and the importance the University has around the globe. read full review
Amazing city but support is average read full review


Dengfeng - February 2020

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