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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Chester

The campus and the facilities are excellent but the delivery of the results are little late. read full review
There are no worst aspects as of now read full review
Lovely place and great place to study! read full review
The campus is amazing and the Professors are great! The Library is very huge and full of facilities. The specialised courses are what made this my first choice to study. read full review
There’s enabling environment and the facilities is good. High level overview of all modules read full review
Students welfarism and wellbeing at its best.
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Oncology MSc


Ijeomah - March 2022

Coming to study in Chester is the first travel experience I have had. I was excited but very nervous . The calm nature of the School environment relaxed my nerve. I felt I was home after my interaction with a staff who was ready and willing to answer all my “foolish questions” .

The high standard of learning with easy assess to all necessary educational resource is very admirable . More so ,the one on one support study support system is not just a new but the most wonderful learning platform I have ever experienced

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The University provide well education system to all students in this campus. The tutorials and students are so friendly. We have a great library search here to develop our thoughts. Great experience . read full review
University of Chester is definitely a great place to study in terms of student support , the faculty and Chester is such a beautiful place to be in ! Love it here. read full review
The university has a very supportive staff and lectures.
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