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University of Chichester

By ,Written on Dec 10 , 2018

MSc Digital Marketing

Overall Rating

This is my fourth year here and I have had the best years of my life in Chichester. The uni is so accommodating and I’ve made so many amazing friends and grown as a person.

I would recommend this uni to anyone!

Student Union

The SU is great in Chichester, everyone gets to have their say and it brings all students together. It makes the uni like one big family and allows us to meet many new people. It also has a night out for many different people. Including wsihe Wednesday and karaoke

Clubs and Societies

We have a wide variety of clubs and societies that cater to everyone’s needs. This includes sport, singing, art and even Harry Potter.


Our accommodation is cosy with good storage and en-suite showers and toilets. The kitchen is really big and has a lot of storage. It’s so close to everything on campus and is a great place to live

Uni Facilities

The university has really good facilities. The library is full of books, computers, cafe’s and even board games. There are places for everyone to study. We also have many great sports facilities such as large playing fields, a gym, the Astro and inside sports areas. This enables the uni to have a variety of different sports teams.

Course and Lecturers

I like that we have a lot of information and resources given to us to help us learn and do assignments well. I like that everything is on moodle also

I don’t like that some assignments are restrictive on what they’re about

City Life

The city is quiet but has some really nice areas such as the cathedral gardens/cathedral. The coffee shops are really nice and it has a few good retail stores available. There are also some bars!

Job Prospects

We have careers fairs in the su sometimes

Student Support

I think the support could be better as I’ve iften found it difficult to book counselling sessions, I think they should let people know more about this openly. Tutors are often good and give detailed feedback

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