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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Chichester

I love how small and safe the university feels. I transferred to this uni for my second year and since the start they have made the whole transition easy, which was all I could hope for. Also when you email a lecturer, their replies are always fast and in depth, you can tell they are really trying to help with whatever you have asked. There are plenty of career development opportunities. It is also a flexible uni and if I did need to complete a task from home I would never feel bad for this. Overall, a great uni and I enjoy coming here. read full review
I love how homely Chichester University feels. As someone who works at the Student's Union, working there and going out there has got to be the highlight of my Uni experience because of all the amazing people I have met.

If I were to suggest something for the Uni to improve upon I would maybe suggest allowing the library to be open 24/7 all the time as I have often found the need to do work there but am unable to because it iz closed. Overall a great uni experience. read full review
The university is always up to date on the current issues in society and are quick to deal with them and promote changes.

Located in a small area they don’t let us down with providing us with amazing events at the student Union

I have met such amazing people and created bonds with lectures

They have provided my with an opportunity to further my career, challenging me and supporting me

From coming outside the UK they straight away made me feel welcome and have had none stop support
Staff are always Available to meet up and chat about whatever you need to and offer services to suit all

Overall good university
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I study at Chichester, it is a safe friendly working environment with experienced tutors who actually have experience in the business world. We are enlightened with real life examples in everything we do here and it is really useful. Both Chichester and Bognor Regis are easily accessible locations and are located in a good area of the country. The facilities are brilliant and very suitable for students, such as the group working booths and LRC, particularly at Bognor campus. The support has been very good including study skills, discussions about health. The lecturers who have taught me so far have been very supportive, from making intersession tasks clear to being understanding of issues outside of university. The course has been well taught so far, with Valuing Individual Differences being my favorite topic so far, particularly due to debating. Through debating, I am getting to know my group better and it has created moments of laughter and sociability. really in Chichester campus is very wonderful, brilliant staff and very co-operative with students. read full review
I love the university of Chichester and i recommended all the student who belongs from international as well as local , if they want to go master as well as graduates studies, I strongly believe that University of Chichester is the best place for learning new skills as well as to make a career. read full review
Lecturers get away with little effort. Organisation is poor. Student welfare is poor. Ambiguous assignment briefs. Facilities are not great. Library small. Moodle is messy and unorganised read full review
I love the university and I couldn't have made a better choice. As I am an exchange student, I can compare it to my German home university and can say that this university is so much better in terms of support, and in terms of being a student known by name and not just by number. The lecturers are the most amazing and supportive people I've met in a university context, and everyone makes you feel welcomed and important that you are a part of the university - even if it is for only a limited period of time. read full review