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University of Cumbria

By ,Written on Jan 24 , 2019

Secondary Education with QTS: Art and Design (11-16 years) PGCE

Overall Rating

I dont think this university has many facilities , the only reason i like the course is the structure of the course and my Fantastic PFL days and PFL tutor , she is honestly so supportive and helpful, she should be here alot more.

Student Union

I dont get involved because i dont have time and no one tells us that we should go , or its helpful, we are just expected to go to uni and then do assignments

Clubs and Societies

I have no idea because they havnt been advertised and i havnt had a chance to try and sign up. Ive only heard about the gym which had a fee , so i cant afford to go to that either.

Uni Facilities

Fair , it was impossible to figure out the library as the staff didn't want to help me , there was a lady at the front on the day i went and asked her about the pin set up and how to take out books and so on and she just told me to use the machine and continued to sit at the desk. I wasn't told where anything was so i spent 4 months trying to access books online.
The Gateway facilities are good , the office there seem to help alot but prices in the canteen are a little high for students.

Course and Lecturers

i like the structure of the course but i feel like the amount of work given is abit overwhelming for the amount of hours we spend at university or in school on placement, we just dont get enough time to do everything. I also think that the set very high expectations of what they want yet do not provide enough guidance or support apart from one tutor which is amazing.
PFL days are definitely the most useful days where i learn the most about directly teaching in my subject.
alot of the other days just feel like fillers or extras which shouldn't be on a PGCE.

City Life

I moved here in September from Preston and i feel like there are lack of student facilities , its impossible to do a food shop if you dont drive , so i end up ordering food shops.
There are also no locations on campus where people can just gather and sit and have a coffee , apart from the tiny cafe which is always full and gateway is closed when its not lunchtime.

Job Prospects

They give lots of information on jobs and job applications . They also help with references and personal guidance.

Student Support

Some tutors are fantastic and provide alot of guidance and help , where as others are very vague with their comments and confusing with feedback , so it really depends on the individual tutor.
i havnt gone to any counselling or personal help due to the fact it you had to book it online, and to book it , you had to undergo a psychological test or something, it just put me off the whole thing, when i really just needed someone to talk to.

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