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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Cumbria

I found the university a terrible place to study, the tutors had little idea about what they were teaching and they had limited experience. I had previously completed my undergraduate degree by learning from doctors and professors who conducted active research in the field, however these tutors could not compare to this.
They did not take criticism or advice on how best we learnt and instead continue to deliver sessions in a way that did not benefit the students. They advice and content of the lectures and seminars was appalling, and had no transfer to the education setting, it was embarrassing that the course claimed to offer a specialism in SEND & Inclusion and the tutor who delivered this sessions was a Geography teacher.... I think that sums it up really.
I would never recommend this University, in fact I would strongly advise rethinking and applying elsewhere. Most people who attend this university live locally and as I was not from the area, I do believe I was stigmaised. read full review
My overall university experience so far is very good. I would want to tell future students about my experiences that it is well worth taking a business or management related course at Cumbria Uni. read full review
Liking the university so far, however accommodation and local amenities or things to do is the only thing that’s is disappointing. Also would like more time in college for lectures read full review
Very happy with the course work and the way its being delivered. The university experience not so great as mentioned regarding some of the services and facilities read full review
My experience has been Positive. Lovely tutors and lecturers. Easy to access support and help for essays when needed. The library has an amazing support team who are quick to help with references and queries. Library is fully stocked with all books you need. read full review
Overall excellent. It is a fast paced course, but the smaller class sizes and access to facilities are far better than larger universities. This means you get more one to one support. The mental health services at the University of Cumbria are fantastic. read full review
I have learnt sooooooo much over the past few years. The amount of experience and knowledge tutors share is inspiring. Facilities and resources are readily available, and the library is good too.
The option to do placements in London is exciting. University of Cumbria have really shaped my life, I can’t wait to see where I end up! read full review
very rushed as the course is very intense. campus facilities during 'non term time' contact time fairly disapointing poor communication and provision made for courses which have alternate timetables to standard terms read full review
The university has been an enjoyable experience for myself so far, the university is small, the facilities aren't the greatest and the town is very small. But I have enjoyed the physiotherapy course and the placements. I am planning on staying there when i graduate... read full review
Fantastic service. I even recommended my sister to study and it was so go I have returned to complete my masters. I would recommend anyone thinking of studying at the University of Cumbria to go for it read full review