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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Cumbria

Very good, glad I went back to do it. Jesus is the way, truth and life, listen to him, open your heart and he will change your life for the better. Jesus loves you. Be not afraid, God can only ever love you. read full review
I enjoyed my undergraduate years more so than my postgraduate because of the fact we had more time as students to really get to know each other and find common interests amongst our friendship groups. read full review
So far I am enjoying my degree especially my placements. The degree is very intense but the lecturers are very creative in the way they teach. I had some issues with the location of my placement as I moved to halls and they placed my back home this put stress on me. The is issue has now been resolved and I am looking forward to finishing my degree. read full review
good university with helpful lecturers course can be very demanding but that's the way the cookie crumbles. If you get on with people and help each other you will have a pleasant experience its all about working with different people and adapting to there needs. read full review
I was a late entrant mature student, minority ethnic status, childcare issues, disability conditions and not enough home IT to support my studies. At the entry process there was always someone to help. I came on to campus to use IT facilities to complete my pre-enrolment that would have otherwise have had to be done from home had I the IT to do it. They solved the problem

Although I have labels, I've been in a space where they have not been an issue. People just want you to overcome your barriers and succeed. I am part way through my course and I am flushed with success with my first placement over. I have had difficulties but they have been dealt with readily. read full review
It's different being a mature student but it has been a positive experience. The only thing that I have really disliked is the lack of financial support I can receive from the University. As my course involves the majority of my time being on placement, I am struggling to afford to pay rent and other bills. Some students who are on my course are eligible but for some reason, I am not. read full review
My uni experience has been great. I would say that because I am a post grad student, I have already experienced uni life before this. Carlisle is definitely somewhere where I would consider living in the future when I am a fully qualified teacher. read full review
Really good- brilliant tutors, interesting course content, challenging topics, nice campus, good career prospects provided by the course, really good placement links. read full review
I feel as if I am in my home country India.
I cant expect more than that.
I feel safe and secure in University.
People are helpful and caring.
Professor are more like friends. read full review
I have loved it and will be looking forward to continuing my studies in the university the tutors and students are all very nice and try their best to make you feel like your worth something and you can do it read full review