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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Derby

The lecturers told me what I wanted to hear to get me to enrol. When I realised that this course was the wrong one, it was too late. I could not get all my money back. read full review

Dramatherapy MA


Lucy - January 2020

Good overall but wish feedback was quicker and more flexibility. I think uni forget that it’s impossible to live without working alongside the course. Guidelines are set but not always followed read full review
My overall university experience has been a good one. As I have been an undergraduate student and now a post graduate student with the university of Derby I can say I have had a very good experience. The teaching has been excellent and the lectures at Derby really do make the university. The passion they have for their subject area is amazing and this passion is passed onto the students. read full review
Best uni I have been to so far. Has lots of events on. read full review

Accounting and Finance MSc


Adiaratou Sacko - February 2019

Very good university experience. I am enjoying my uni days. Future business school students will be very happy. I encourage them to continue their studies and . read full review