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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Derby

Derby is a fantastic place to kickstart my career read full review
Because of the available resources, such as the well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, library, and some other quiet places, the university has been a great place to study. well I am yet to experience any worst aspect and I pray not to experience it. read full review
The University is great in many respects and has been amazing for me throughout my undergrad and masters, all my lecturers have been supportive and great, whilst also facilitating my growth. I think one issue a lot of us students are seeing is how the University is focusing more on its appearance and money than students themselves, for example the fact the University has announced a huge new construction projects but there are buildings already at the University that look worn down and old, a bit like a facade. Additionally course programmes are not always specific about what they do precisely want from references as referencing systems themselves have different rules in them (e.g. Harvard allows for both listing out all the authors names or just the main author followed by et al in the reference list) read full review

Social Work MA


Shannon - February 2023

Really supportive environment with great learning opportunities! read full review
The library is one of the best features of the University for me. Teaching resources are well organised and made available. the cafes shut down at 3 pm which is a bit harsh. read full review
The only experience is trying to settle in as an international student, but the university gave so much support and various options to help me settle in. The university tries its best to be inclusive, supportive and all the lectures give their best to ensure we get the best learning experience. I will choose Derby over and over again .

Best facilities, so much that I explore a new one daily.
Diversity at its best
Wellbeing support
Career coaching support
Sports to keep fit
Lots of helpful seminars
Student employability and engagement

Derby cares so much about about their student . And I am impressed. read full review
My worst moments are really negative. Just the fact that the environment was new and it took me a while to get used to the routes.

For me, the online reviews were nothing compared to the real life experience. UoD has a warm and welcoming environment that can thrill any student. Also the activities (academic and non academic) are seamless with great support system right from the enrollment stage. The school community is rich with students from many continents, making me feel not too far away from home. Learning system is flexible and supportive.

In conclusion, I have zero regrets making UoD my choice of study. read full review
The best aspect of this course and the university was the unlimited and unconditional support from the faculty of the MSc course. As an international student, I felt comfortable knowing my lecturers had my back and would support me through the different trials of the course - not only were they academically supportive, but were present for personal and emotional support due to the emotional demand the course had. The faculty and peers I had have become like family.

The worst part of the university experience was that so much of it was limited due to COVID-19, and there was a significant decline in mental health due to the isolation during this period. However, in spite of the pandemic, the university ensured that each student was supported, and communities within Derby were formed regardless due to social media. read full review
Studying at the University of Derby has been one of the most meaningful decisions I have made about my postgraduate degree studies. The environment ,student assistantship, all inclusiveness and tutors are all top notch and any international student coming to study here would most likely enjoy it here. The only aspect I believe can be improved upon is for the university to employ the service of more lecturers as there are more influx of students to Derby with the intent to study, work load is building up for the few that are taking classes. Asides this the university is a great place to acquire knowledge and connect. I don't regret my decision in choosing to study here at the University of Derby. read full review

International Business MSc


Ogbonna Nwori - January 2023