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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Edinburgh

Clinicians and people lecturers are very helpful and supportive. They clearly care about us students. Upper management does not seem to care about student feelings or experience. When talking to lower years they only tell them the positive feedback and ignore the negative, showing they don’t care and/or listen. Our year is expected to accept anything that is done (or not done) and get on with it. There is no explanations given when deadlines aren’t met on the part of the university and little consideration seems to be given for us. A real shame, given how wonderful the teaching staff are. read full review
This year has been very different due to Covid (as can be expected) but this definitely had an impact on how much I enjoyed the course. Due to working remotely the only real contact we had was with our project supervisor and this was limited. I think if this was any other year in which we were allowed access to labs then it would be a very different story and an enjoyable course read full review
This year has been a strange year due to the pandemic which has limited the amount of experience we were able to gain from the first 6 months of the degree. The next 6 months are looking brighter and I truly believe that if I had done this course a year later a lot would have changed. The university is great, the location is lovely, the people are friendly and the lecturers are super helpful. read full review
Very different from expected because of the pandemic but that was out of everyone’s control. Grateful for having some in person teaching as I know so many people didn’t get that opportunity. read full review


Fafin - January 2020

Good read full review


Student Reviewer - December 2018

Good, less support than I though there would be read full review