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University of Essex

By ,Written on Sep 12 , 2020

MA Art History and Theory

Overall Rating

Lots of tears and dead nerve cells.
Was let down by university way too many times.
The only good i can think of is that no one is rude to your face and usually reasy to listen. you might come across good people, you might not (regarding the staff).
I absolutely loved my social life there as i met all my friends from different countries there and made a lot of uni memories.

Student Union

very loud with their promises, usually try to reach out and help even though sometimes it's useless, if you are part of student's union you are God's favourite. representation is good, students have a lot of jobs opportunities and Students' Union represents issues and draws attention to diversity. Not much can be said about facilities, really depends on personal experience. But i wouldn't put much hope into them. You will hear a lot of words and promises but that's about it. I heard that housing facility is really good though.

Clubs and Societies

there's a good variety of sports and societies. a lot of societies based on nationalities so it's more likely you will find people from your country, lots of societies like makeup and film, they have meetings, it's entertaining and can be a good way to make friends, after all there's a good variety of them. sports are also good, the campus has a big sports center, it offers a lot of different activities and if you are serious about it you can join sports society and be part of competitions.


10 minutes to the main campus which is good. Security is always around and available. the post office is also there. that's it. it's good if you are social and want to meet new people but that's the case for most accommodations. naturally, students don't really care and will party so it's loud. fire alarm went off once when my flatmate was cooking and houses next door run into our kitchen to share their opinion, but the security guy was just rude. all despite tha fact that these alarms are way to sensitive. i'm not gonna get started on rape, stabbing and gang cases. something breakes all the time and it takes ages to fix it. laundrey room is hideous, ruins clothes and most of them are broken by the middle of an academic year. and most important thing is it ridiculously expensive. and when it's your day to move out, don't leave any of your belongings in the kitchen thinking you'd pick them up later, the staff will get rid of it and get rid of things that belong to someome who's not moving. way for sustainability just how they advertise it on campus.

Uni Facilities

Depends on a facility. Your experience with them will be good as long as you don't have problems and need help. Once you need help you will see again many promises and kind words but zero help. Ask the Hub is pretty good when you come to them in person though and you have minor issues. You will hate them with burning passion once you contact them online. Also some facilities take ages to reply, don't forget to bombard them until you get what you want, that's how they work.

Course and Lecturers

I like that it's really welcoming in you expressing your ideas, teachers won't beat you up if you are wrong but will try to help you come to the right answer yourself. They really challenge you to be creative with your thinking and critical as well. Most of them are wonderful lecturers and classes felt like a lot of fun. Highlight the word lecturers. You might have troubles when it comes to issues outside of reading lectures. Depends on a person. Some will reply you the same day and be helpful, some will reply late and be helpful or just repeat the same information. Some will never reply, and well it's kind of your fault, don't ask why i have no clue why it's okay and people always talk about being busy, everyone's busy but students also pay, it's not okay to ignore.
In terms of topics I would say topics were interesting but really choose something you know nothing about because you won't get a really deeper knowledge if it's something you learned before. If you took a curating class in undergrad maybe think twice of taking another curating class for ma. I found a lot of information I knew from my undergrad so that's dissapointing from the point of masters. Reading selections are pretty good but sometimes are way too hard to understand in the context of class, I feel like reading was not on the same level with teaching.

City Life

As I said accommodation provided by campus is super close to everything, you wake up and in 5-10 minutes you are at the lectures. everything you need to buy like food and other necessities are available on campus, just don't forget that everything is overpriced. there are lots of cafes and places to eat.
if you live outside of campus it means you either live somewhere around Greenstead area which is not the safest, but in general it takes around 20 minutes to get to campus. if you live in town - you are in trouble, buses are always late and go how they want to, if you are lucky it will take you not so long to get to campus, if not it will be around 45 minutes. town isn't that bad at first but over years you realize there's actually nothing to do and it's a bit far from campus. local life is amazing if you make good friends, there is a karaoke, club nights almost daily, people are always at pubs, there are some events taking place but it all really depends if you can make friends.

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Job Prospects

Uni doesn't make efforts. There's a career hub, they have workshops on how to write your cv, help find jobs for postgraduates blah blah blah. It also depends on your speciality. for me it was useless, sent them my cv once because i wanted someone to professionaly tell me if it needed any changes, never heard from them about it. again, promises promises.

Student Support

Mostly bad. If you write an essay then yes you get feedback there's no choice. If it's something else prepare for getting little to no help. Usually teachers are happy to meet and discuss whatever bothers you, utilize this to your maximum. In most cases it's better to get help in person than through email. I loved talent development center, they really do help you with essays and point out on what you shoud and shouldn't work, if you are unsure about your essay structurally or grammatically just come to them. course tutors are good, they are easy to get in touch with and usually really caring.
Everything else is bad. Just bad. Mental health support is pure rubbish. It's actually good if you want to feel worse. So many people were let down by them. None of it makes sense. They are really incompetent in the way they talk to students. I was once declined a face-to-face session 'before you stop drinking' even though i didn't really have a problem with that. Was promised to be send a youtube video with meditations, and guess what? i never received the link. you come for help and someone asks have you tried meditation? or how they say 'sorry you are so strong' all the time. and if someome has a loss be it family or a friend - NO help. even if you ask twice. they will probably say things that will hurt you. and won't really help with studies. also if you are an international student prepare for a lot of misunderstanding and again zero help. sometimes you'd be offered help that is actually only for UK and EU students only to realize no one wants to deal with your issues. extenuating circumstances is not good. they will extend a deadline or give you a new one but if it's long-term extenuating circumstances don't expect people to grade you differently, you will be judged like everyone else even if you have problems be it neurological or mental, i guess it's not really the case if it's disability.
also marking not on my course only but in general is biased despite the fact that it's made anonymous.

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