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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Exeter

It has been very disappointing. Most of my peers regret choosing this course. It feels as though we have not gained anything out of it in terms of employability or skills. There are very few positives, and when this was fed back to the course heads, it was met with a lot of resistance. A key thing to note is that for some research projects there may be costs which will not be funded if they occur after the deadline, and this is not mentioned until after you have chosen your project. There is also a cost to print two copies of your dissertation and research diary, and then to purchase a memory stick to hand in your raw data. This has been very frustrating.

The main positive thing was the city itself which is lovely. read full review

Anthrozoology MA


Kira Martin - February 2018

Lovely place and interesting topic. Shame some of the tutors and teaching wasn't as I might have expected from a centre of academic excellence. Overall the place is excellent, but I wouldn't do this particular course again. read full review
I would go back to Exeter but definitely not for this course. Lovely place, I thought the course should have been much better for the price and the reputation of the programme head.

Felt very disappointed with the (in my opinion) very biased language and attitude of one lecturer when discussing certain ethical and emotive topics. Wasn't expecting to find that in a top university.

Would have given Exeter a much higher rating if it wasn't so difficult to access additional guidance through the lecturers, I felt that they should know of appropriate readings and avenues of support. Although it must be said that most tutors were very flexible with tutorial times, and some were very helpful with additional readings sources, particularly around pets. read full review

Medical Studies PhD


Matthew Devall - January 2018

University of Exeter not only helped me to develop as an academic and has seen me gone on to create a good career, but has also helped me to develop as a person. What better praise can I give? read full review
Completed my undergrad - didn’t want to leave so stayed to do my masters. The university offered so much support and guidance, with great societies and friendly lecturers. I just wasn’t ready to leave! read full review
Overall, it has been positive and worthwhile, though it has demanded a lot of hard work. I have not chosen a "typical" student lifestyle in terms of drinking/clubbing, but this hasn't mattered at all. I had the opportunity to spend a year studying in Jordan, which was fantastic. read full review
It’s been the best experience of my life, in terms of finding a course I’m really passionate about to the point I’ve come back for more! I’ve made some amazing friends, had really positive experiences with the uni and the staff and feel like exeter is up there with one of the best universities in the country - it’s a friendly, welcoming, community atmosphere where you feel proud to wear the Exeter logo, while also being a place of top quality teaching and cutting edge research, while offering a huge variety of things from sports to outlets for the creative so I really benefit from the huge diversity of people rather than having one type of person, so you get the best of all worlds whereas I feel other universities tend to focus on one aspect e.g. sport/academia read full review
Great - really interesting and opened eyes to a lot more opportunities than previously had! Lots of activity and options to get involved as much or as little as one likes. read full review

Biological Sciences MSc


Alexa Bishop - January 2018

I have enjoyed my overall university experience, facilities and supervision are good, support is available and the societies offer many fun social events. Feedback and support are always available. read full review