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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Exeter

Overall, it feels a little pointless to be paying so much for online classes. Understandably, lecturers and staff need to be paid, but while the university has done its best during these time, it feels like very little value for money. read full review
In general I would say that my time at the University this year was short lived but thoroughly enjoyable to say the least. The learning experience has been great given the circumstances and the community feel is amazing. Most impressively, the staff all appear to be on the same page working with an aligned goal to provide the students with as good an education as possible, taking every opportunity to direct us in the direction of extra material to learn from. All in all, my time at Exeter has been incredible and I'm so grateful for making it onto the course. read full review
Great - really useful and has led me to my dream job. I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Tedd Wragg award for my teacher training. I was very fortunate to be given such fantastic support throughout and thoroughly recommend this course. read full review
Positive- all the lecturers have been positive and helpful to any issues. Despite that lots of the work is due all at the same time, the way that the course is laid out, makes it very clear what is required for each assignment. read full review
I am in my 4th year at Exeter now and I love it, there is nowhere else I would rather have gone. I would recommend future students to apply even if they live far away as I am so glad I pushed myself to attend. read full review

MA Education


Lara - January 2020

I have enjoyed my time studying for a PGCE at Exeter University and am now studying for an MA remotely. Whilst living in Exeter, Infound the St Luke’s campus to be in walking distance to everything you need, including the centre of town. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful, with options for extra modules to broaden employability. read full review
It couldn’t be better! This university is located in a beautiful part of the UK, and it is a nice accommodation city. As a student from an ethnic minority background I was conscious on diversity issues but my experience was all positive. I would encourage any student to have exeter as their number 1 choice read full review
Overall the experience has been great! I’ve struggled a little making friends as an international student and I’ve felt overwhelmed with the work at times, but I’ve also met lovely people and the courses have taught me a lot! read full review
I had a good time at Exeter uni. They were supportive to my circumstances and very engaging lecturers. I would definitely recommend attending the university of Exeter read full review
It's been very enlightening and a huge part of forming who I am. It is extremely and consistently a plethoric and nebulous experience that greatly improves one's character. read full review