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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Gloucestershire

Absolutely warm welcome which isn't always given. Pretty good staff taking care of everything and fast responding.

Very good and professional feeling studying here. read full review
Loved it, very supportive, friendly! Sense of community! Get stuck into classes to make the most of your time. Each campus has a totally different feel so make sure you explore all of them read full review
My overall University experience has been very good. I did my Undergrad at this uni too and carried on my experience. I think there is a lot of services that are beneficial to me. The University helps me to develop not only my knowledge but myself as well. Pushing my boundaries and learning about new possibilities that I can achieve. read full review
Good experience with the special character of FCH. The course is exciting and challenging whilst remaining current and relevant to the field of psychology. Oxstalls business school is also very good to work in outside of uni hours. read full review
I absolutely love it here. The tutors are amazingly knowledgeable, whilst being friendly, approachable and very supportive at all times.
I feel the facilities are great, and particularly love the fact that I can come to enjoy the peace of the library on a Sunday afternoon.
All in all, a really lovely experience. read full review
It's been fantastic. Eighteen months ago I crept into the campus for the first time just like a mouse, convinced I'd made the worst mistake in the history of misjudgements. Everybody has been so understanding and kind, I've not just come out of my shell, I've kicked that shell right out of sight. It's not just the things I've learned and the people I've met, it's the amazing way I've been encouraged to believe in myself, and supported along the way. read full review
good personal experience. meeting people from all over the world. faith space is brilliant facilities , prayer room, guitar, puzzles, biscuits, . Friendly people read full review
The University of Gloucestershire was my first choice in choosing a college to study in. It’s been always a pleasure to study at this university, the staff was very helpful with every question I had and it is always friendly atmosphere –not only admission but also teachers as well. The University has many outstanding faculty, which is excellent. They are professionals in their field and they made a huge effort to make their subjects so interesting and special. read full review
It was an amazing experience. I acquired a lot of skills and it changed my worldview about my profession (coaching). The tutors were amazing and the other staff too. They were all very polite and always acting in a professional manner. The facilities were also good. read full review
My first 4 months at the university have been really positive, and I have had a number of opportunities that have made adjusting to life at the university far easier.
Staff have been supportive, and have encouraged me to attend events which have contributed to my personal development, which have been really valuable. read full review