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University of Greenwich

By ,Written on Jan 31 , 2020

Strategic Advertising and Marketing Communications, MA

Overall Rating

I am grateful that I have study at this university. Love the Greenwich campus. We have a great libraries and a lot of events. Nice theatre class and really great teacher. Sometimes is hard but when you have a great friends everything is fine.

Student Union

Student union is great. We have a lot of events.

Clubs and Societies

We have a lot of societies. I am member of marketing society, event society and Harry Potter society.

Uni Facilities

I think it is perfect. I have everything what I want and need.

Course and Lecturers

The first semester is everything new for me and we had a really exciting subjects such as Digital marketing. It was amazing a learned a lot. But second semester is more for Dissertation and the subjects are lower quality.

City Life

Yes, it is perfect location everything is close. The Greenwich is perfect location.

Job Prospects

We have employability office when we can discuss our future.

Student Support

We have tutors that help us with everything it is really great. I use it often. Feedback from report is informative. It is only feww information.

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