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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Hertfordshire

The course has been okay in terms of content, but the university has been abysmal in terms of organisation. Placements have been allocated after they were supposed to be started, merged so that we get to experience less areas or completely cancelled. The non-teaching staff are very difficult to get hold of and don't give helpful answers. Ultimately things work out but it's very stressful getting there. read full review
The overall experience has been good. Good infrastructure and highly qualified teaching staff. The university was not ready to refund a portion of the fees even though the classes were online due to Covid read full review
The overall experience was splendid however the university has to be more reassuring when it comes to job markets. When it comes to the facilities on campus both campus have good facilities however the De Haviland Campus is a smaller campus. Further to that, the teachers for all subjects were good and cooperative. read full review
Overall the experience has been immensly interesting. I have gained the required skills for the relivent field. Furthermore, I have also learnt alot in terms of employment related skills which is also very important. read full review
Nothing would make me recommend this uni to anyone - even people i don't like. It is very subjective as to whether you will do well in class or not and unfortuately i was used to a more professional standard. I also feel it is more inclined to help international students or ethnic minorities and young people. I feel t is not really interested in others i.e white or older people read full review
I really enjoyed my time at uni. Academic support was not that much but that just made me work harder to try to understand topics myself and ask friends or others on the course which I thought was part of learning. Some lecturers showed their passion for the topic which great to see. However due to my subject topic, I feel I developed a lot personally. There were lots of opportunities to get involved in. I became a student Rep and my project supervisor shared an conference opportunity with me. It was a really good uni and I will happily go to same uni in the future if I ever wanted to do PhD. read full review
brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I liked the lecturers. I felt well supported in my studies and the coursework and lecture content was stimulating. I made lots of new friends and it was a very memorable time of my life. read full review
The finance side
Of university has been hard and frustrating with the university often saying one thing then going back on it. The tutor of my course is fantastic and makes the course. read full review
I’ve been here since almost a month now and so far almost everything has been great. A drawback is they have taken extremely long to issue letters for my peers and I. read full review
I have really enjoyed my experience at uni, especially thanks to the events and societies hosted by the SU, careers centre and from having opportunity to study abroad. read full review