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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Hertfordshire

Although there were two supportive and humble tutors, the negative experience of cyberbullying in front of x hundreds of online viewers, where I was repetitively dismissed and ignored when I was asking Student Support for putting things right, this negative experience outweighs the hard work of tutors who had an ability to be good guides. They are very arrogant, very dismissive and very hostile who do not care about the well being of the student, they just cares about their own reputation. I was absolutely shocked by the behaviour of the university who would call me unreasonable when having 38,5 fevers and requesting postpones of deadline, because it is almost impossible to manage otherwise. I was repetitively told that they are not going to discuss things from my point of view, that they are going to ignore what they have done and that I should just move on as if nothing ever happened. But all these cyberbullying experiences do feel as awful case of psychological violence. I felt there was lot of projection from Student Support when I was called unreasonable when I was requesting deadline postpones. I was trying to discuss everything with them, but they repetitively told me they are not going to respond to my complaints. Nobody deserves such an awful treatment. I was also sold video and Skype tutorials, but that was never delivered. read full review