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University of Huddersfield

By ,Written on Jan 16 , 2019

Lifelong Learning PGCE pre-service

Overall Rating

I’ve been here a few years now and I love it. The university has helped me all the way along and made me aware of opportunity’s that are available to me. It’s hard moving away and with the right support I have managed to see it through with a post graduate course

Student Union

It looks nice however I don’t get involved as I feel like they target things at a specific audience

Clubs and Societies

I don’t know much about them


I love snow island it’s homely and we have a shared kitchen with a lovely bedroom. We get a 3/4 bed, plenty of space, staff are friendly and price is cheap

Uni Facilities

Everything I need is at uni, the library is great, Ipoint is great and there’s a shop on site that helps with breaks

Course and Lecturers

I don’t like being talked at I prefer being involved. I also don’t like doing all the modules at once I prefer them to be split. However the tutors are great

City Life

It’s slightly dead, not many shops and a lot of places to eat. Nightlife is good though

Job Prospects

I have a work placement on my course where I do a few days a week in uni and a few at placement. They have talks on employability also

Student Support

There is constant feedback, I see well-being, disability, learning support, progress tutor and academic skills tutor. I have tutorials all the time, they are friendly and supportive

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