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University of Huddersfield

By ,Written on Mar 01 , 2020

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (MA by Research)

Overall Rating

Worst experience ever. The are total assholes at this university, including the administration. Avoid this university. The tutors and lecturers don't even know their basic stuff. There is a total lack of ethics at this place.

Student Union

Bad student representation. They didn't help me when I needed help. Assholes

Clubs and Societies

Not enough options of sports

Uni Facilities

Bad, the lowest on a scale of 10. Not even wifi is working properly

Course and Lecturers

The lecturers are not even competent in their areas. They bully their students. Sexist assholes. The whole university culture have a culture of bullying. Rasist treatment of students. It is so bad.

City Life

Location is ok

Job Prospects

Total assholes. Women were crying in the corridor when bullied. The most sexist place I have ever been and the lecturers are bullying students openly.

Student Support

This is the worst place I have ever been. The tutors are discriminating everyone. The are openly sexist. Even the Chancellor's Office is bullying students. The administration in the Registrar Office are bullying and lying to students. Avoid this University

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