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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Huddersfield

good one, i like the university. facilities, lecturers, instalations, I did my master, now i am doing a PhD, Everything very good. I am also a teaching assistant read full review
It's good I am not regretting I would say that overal if you are trying you can make things done but don't expect too much help
I heard about better universities but on the other hand there are worse as well read full review

Chemistry PhD


Rebecca - November 2018

Personally I have enjoyed every minute I have met people who will be friends for life. As well as gaining some skills which I do not think I would have learnt somewhere else. Or wouldn't have felt as personal. read full review
Well, this is going great so far. I am trying to stick to my daily schedule and study as much as I can effectively. I ask for assistance whenever I need. I try to make a balance between studies and life. I manage to do both, a little pressure, but manageable! read full review
Really enjoying my time here the people on my course are great I feel like I fit in well and have made great friends. The course is well structured and there is a lot covered to give us a wide view of all the things teaching entails. The little things make a difference like the deadlines are well considered for example my next is due after Christmas which allows us time to do it over the holidays when we are less busy. read full review
Really enjoyed it all, I'm still here since 2012!! In future I would love to see the creative subjects expand and the technology too so we can test new methods of working to keep up with the ever changing design life read full review
fantastic ive been coming back here since 2003 Ive tried elsewhere but the support is not the same. The university has a welcoming fgeel and the staff are very positive. read full review

Engineering PhD


Mr Anonymous - November 2018

Very bad experience caused by limited prospects, poor service and lazy staff, if only I could turn back time and had the bravery to leave.

I had a 1st class (hons) and just one of many students that has that degree now, better then nothing I suppose but really the university is a business that isn't providing good services. read full review