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University of Hull

By ,Written on Oct 28 , 2018

MA in Criminal Justice and Crime Control

Overall Rating

It has been amazing and I hate that it will all be over in a year!
It gives you an experience like no other and there will never be anything quite like it in your life.

Student Union

I think it's actually quite good and has a lot of opportunities available to you, whilst also giving you the chance to share your ideas and feedback, or even start something new that you're passionate about e.g. a volunteer project.

Clubs and Societies

There are so many to choose from and they seem really good.

Uni Facilities

Really good, especially the library!

Course and Lecturers

Most: my postgraduate course allows for hands on work that encourages you to use (and gain existing) skills that reflect what you may have to deal with in the real world, so to speak.
Least: 9am lectures

City Life

I'm not one to go out all that much but it's alright.

Job Prospects

Many careers events throughout the year that would benefit both graduate and postgraduate students. There are also a variety of volunteering opportunities that you can get involved in through the university.
The university also has the Hull Employability Awards, careers service and things of that nature.

Student Support

Quite good, although sometimes people are not aware of the personal support available.

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