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University of Hull

By ,Written on Oct 28 , 2018

MSc in Financial Management

Overall Rating

It has been ok. I am a special case so I cannot say anything. Courses are ok, teachers can be great, timetable not convenient, but the library and classrooms are great.

Student Union

I'm staying for a short time so I'm not interested in doing activities and meet people.

Clubs and Societies

I don't know. I'm not involved in one of them.

Uni Facilities

There's everything you need. Everything is pretty renovated.

Course and Lecturers

Nothing special, depends on teachers and courses. Timetable can be not very convenient.

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City Life

We don't go in the city often, because it's not near the uni and no one lives there.

Job Prospects

I don't know, I'm not interested in that but I know they organize many careers fair during the year, seminars, help with our resume...

Student Support

I don't know. Depends on teachers.

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