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University of Hull

By ,Written on Oct 28 , 2018

PhD Psychology

Overall Rating

I've been here only for a month and a half but until the moment I feel very comfortable with the campus, the facilities, the student union and all the staff. I always felt very warm welcomed in this city and specially in the university as foreign student.

Student Union

I think it is a potential source for all students for the activities they continously are doing to improve our days and hours at the uni and the assistance they offer. No doubt that without them sometimes we will be lost.

Clubs and Societies

They are amazing! You can choose whatever you want and need. From a lot of sports to practice, to film socities, board games societes, political socities...It is full of opportunities and choices that can adapt and fit what you prefer to do in your spare time.

Uni Facilities

The campus is very accesible to every person, it is well signalized and has a lot of facilities to study, to focus, to have meetings, to meet new people, to buy different things, etc.

Course and Lecturers

The most that they are interesting for my research career and necessary to become a good scientis and expert. The least the timetables; it's a mess and they always change them.

City Life

It is very colourful I think. There are plenty of activities to do, from visiting museums, the city centre, the old streets, the university life, the parks, the outskirts, the river, the pubs and a lot of possibilities to eat and drink for different prices.

Job Prospects

The have a lot of offers, exhibitions, stands and a lot of stuff going around very frequenty to assure that all students have their opportunity, no matter if it´s a partial job while studying or a full time job in your speciality, or a stay in other university while doing your PhD apart from the big amount of scholarships that they offer.

Student Support

From my personal point of view I found a lot of support, specially when I felt a bit lost about what to do or where to go. There is always someone to help you.

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