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University of Hull

By ,Written on Oct 29 , 2018

MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology

Overall Rating

The university itself is a thriving evnvironment that seems dedicated to providing an excellent education to its students. My course however is relatively new so there were seveal issues throughout the year. It was frustrating at times as the students felt let down by a service they were paying for. Much more organisation needed to be put into this course.

Student Union

Very active and enthusiastic,
Yet don't get involved as I am postgrad and feellike alot of the events are aimed at undergrad.

Clubs and Societies

A wide variety of clubs/ societies.
I take part in the yoga society which has organised international yoga trips to morocco

Uni Facilities

Very good, all servies i feel like i need are available. Library and its internal facilities are excellent

Course and Lecturers

The Placement module provided first hand experience within the psychological field which is usually incredicbly difficult to come by.

However the lectureres often seemed very busy as they were conducting their own research and splitting their time between other jobs.

City Life

Very fun. Students often spend mst time outside the city on avenues filled with bars and restaruats that are aimed to accomodate students.

Job Prospects

Send out emials regarding career events and job opportunities

Student Support

My personal tutor who assists me with my dissertation has been excellent with feedback and response time for emails is very quick. However I have heard friends complain about how their tutor has taken a great deal of time to reply, affecting their studies

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