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University of Hull

By ,Written on Feb 22 , 2019

MSc in Computer Science for Games Development

Overall Rating

I liked that it pushed myself to learn new things and be better, I meet really smart people. But other than that the lectures have slides 10 years old "inherited" from previous teachers of that module. If there is math in a slide there are 40% chances it is something incorrect there. The entire "study by yourself" filosophy is a bit weird because the teachers are unable to help you because you studied from different materials and sources. Sometimes we have to do things some way just becasue they are harder instead of focusing on using industry standard technologies. Too much reinvention of the wheel is happening. I know it is important for learning but we also have to prepared for industry where almost nobody will want to reinvent the wheel.

Student Union

I think it is a nice place to go you want to go and seek help.

Clubs and Societies

I like the themes they have and what they are doing.

Uni Facilities

They are very good.

Course and Lecturers

I like that the topics are well updated but I feel like is hard to understand some foreign teachers and also the marking scheme is somewhat poorly explained.

City Life

It's quite dangerous. I don't like it at all. A lot of people are fighting, or trying to steal things from you. There was this missing girl.

Job Prospects

They have mockup interviews, career and skills team that can evaluate your CV. There are also plenty of companies that came to hold talks so we can exchange business cards.

Student Support

I think it's decent. It can better though, like extendend pop-in hours from teachers. And some teacher don't respont to email at all which I found to be quite disapointing.

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