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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Hull

I really like it, I can study a lot of information of my course.
In addition, I living a relax and meaningful life in here.
I felt all tutor is nice, they are very happy to help us on study even on life problem. They allowed us to looking for them anytime when we need. That is very good. read full review
I had love this Univeristy so much and willing to study once again . I’m now applying for PHD so I can have the privilege to be call out a graduate once more . read full review
So far I have enjoyed partaking in weekly society sports. My undergrad was a wonderful experience, there are elements to the MA taught course that needs re-thinking to suite students. (3 hours per sem is too long — it needs to be split up for better understanding and participation). read full review

International Law LLM


Mike Matongo - March 2018

Good and very interesting . Very futuristic research being done. Met a few friends and the library is open 24/7 this is quite good and convenient and accessible. read full review

Law PhD


Anonymous - March 2018

My overall experience has been moderate.

- My PhD supervision has been outstanding
-Library facilities are good
-Improvements need to be made in responding to concerns expressed by students such as relating to obtaining 24 hour access to buildings where PhD rooms are located read full review

Law PhD


Nm - March 2018

Its been ok. I am glad to be a member of the university research body. Not what i expected initially but i love Hull now.
I have also been able to learn career skills that i might not have been given the opportunity to acquire in another institution. read full review

Engineering PhD


Mustafa Abdelrahman - March 2018

It is interesting and useful. I have gained a lot of skill in my research area:control engineering.I participated in two international conference one in Spain and the other in Ireland. The university funded me for both. I benefit a lot from supervisor and peers. I am going to publish a journal paper as well read full review

Chemical Engineering MSc


Adina Puian - February 2018

I just got here 5 months ago but it was love at first sight. The campus is beautiful, with new facilities and lots of coffee shops. Is very clean and the people are friendly and serious. read full review
I had a really great time. everything here is so good. My tutors are amazing and I am so proud to be there student. Everything went so smooth except the accommodation staff as I mentioned earlier ( especially the house keeping staff+ their guide) . Beside that, I highly recommend studying here in Hill you won’t regret it. read full review

Financial Management MSc


Tassiana Francisco - February 2018

Amazing . Everything is very good from teaching methods to environment making all students happy at university. All the facilities are very good and there's a range of things to do read full review