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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Hull

Overall my university experience so far has been a positive one, had a few little bumps in the road due to the learning curve and intensity but other than that it is a good start read full review
uni is firstly exhausting though. studying drains the very soul out of you. but its nice. when you learn something you feel this fulfilment/happiness.
it pushes me beyond my comfort zone. especially for social interactions. i have no other choice put to push myself.
aside from that you learn so much beyond the books. like about people and a lot about yourself, about how to go about life. you definitely wont learn everything. the road of discovery is definitely something that should be described with something beyond my capability with words.
despite it not being the best of experience for everyone it is definitely a worthwhile experience. read full review
First year was a great big party, I made lots of friends and developed as a person. Second year was really hard and kind of a grind, but I learned a lot within my subject and really developed my guitar playing. Third year was where I really got to focus on my own music as a creative outlet and got stuck in.

This year (Master's) has so far been relaxed and informative, and I look forward to the rest of it. read full review
In this school I am busy for the course.
My university is a good place for study and doing research.
More information about academic life and research is needed. read full review
My university experience has been brilliant, the uni has been extremely supportive of both my academic work and mental well being and I am very appreciative of that. read full review

Hull Executive MBA (EMBA)


Iwouldnot Liketogive Myname - October 2018

Too costly for what it is, too easy to write the essays, getting too high grades. Nothing usefull learned so far, but I hope that by graduating I will get a 10% raise. read full review
The university is offering a multicultural environment which is leading us to study and share different ideas which is quite helping in constructing our essays and assignments. read full review
My university experience has been fantastic. Being on a sports team, and the committee, getting involved in productions within my department and use of the facilities has really made it a unique experience. read full review
Overall, both my undergraduate, and so far, my postgraduate experience has been extremely positive. I like how homely the campus feels and feel I would be supported if I should need personal or academic assistance. Also, the teaching is excellent. read full review

PhD Social Work


Lisa - October 2018

I have loved every moment of my experience, so much so, I have completed an undergrad, post grad MA and now PhD here.

Great University, and life is what you make it. Excellent learning facilities and great staff. I would wholly recommend. read full review