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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Hull

Not good. I have studied as an undergraduate as postgraduate at Hull. The only reason I have chosen Hull is due to logistics, I live here and am unable to move to another city! Poor delivery of service at undergraduate and postgraduate, yet I will have paid the university 37 thousand pounds. I am looking for a different university to supervise my Phd. read full review
Really welcoming, friendly people, helpful place to be. the students union is a very inviting place offering all kinds of food for all people. the atmosphere around uni is always lovely. read full review
Great Politics lectures but other than that poor. Anything good has had to be heavily fought for. Ran like a business not a university, inefficient and uncaring. read full review
The EMBA course in terms of content is very good. The lecturers are certainly very knowledgeable in their respective fields and they (mostly) welcome a debate on their subject matter. But the admin side is very poorly run and not up to the standard I would expect for a £10K a year tuition. read full review
On the whole it has been very positive.

The academic side has had its ups and downs. Logistically there are issues with room cancellations and the tutors pulling out of sessions late.

The quality of the teaching on the whole has been of a high standard. That said on one or two occasions the teaching has been well below par. I never think it is right to open a talk with "the teacher for this session is sick and this is not my presentation" then just muddle through it.

I have engaged in other events at the university such as the science fair with m,y children. It was excellent. read full review
My overall experience has been negative. However, spending money on getting an MSc is a necessary evil if you want a "good" qualification to include in your CV. Bottom line is that if you are not willing to learn on your own, then you won't be as attractive to prospective employers. read full review
So far i am thoroughly enjoying my university experience. It has exceeded my expectations, particularly pertaining to the level of involvement and support offered by the staff at the university. Being here has re-sparked my passion for psychology and mental health, and built up my confidence in pursuing my desired career. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here. read full review
I love it.

I feel myself fitting to this Uni perfectly. I also get an impression, that i am in the right place, doing the right thing.

I have tried to search for any flaws, but I can hardly find anything. Some lecturers might repeat themselves from time to time, but none of us are perfect. read full review
I am a student of this university for only a few weeks and have already encountered various problems - but the staff at the uni have been there to help and they always helped me find the most suitable solution. I am also delighted by all the facilities offered, and pleasantly surprised by the number of societies and clubs available. read full review
It’s smoothly easy to manage the time in here because I have got a flexible schedule that makes me get enough time to read, write, and do other lifestyles around campus read full review