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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Hull

PhD Psychology


Scarlett - October 2018

My university experience has been life changing. I have had some wonderful experiences at university and have made life-long really special friends. I have enjoyed studying my course as I love to learn.
However, when I come to the end of my course I think I'll be ready to leave, 6 years is a long time! read full review
Average - its been okay. Not a university I would recommend.

I think it depends on your course and how that is structured which has largely influenced my answers. read full review

MSc Biomedical Science


Student Reviewer - October 2018

University is the best experience I have ever had. I struggled with personal issues the first couple years but since settling into a new sport group and making new friends, i have pushed myself and have the confidence to do things I never thought i could. read full review
I took part in several public lectures so far, they are good to learn a lot of things such as politics marketing and so on. the environment is pretty good for study. read full review
Fantastic! I previously went to a different university when I was younger and it pales in comparison to Hull University, here you feel like you are a part of a team and I am honestly proud to represent the university. read full review
I have had the greatest time at university, making friends, gaining skills and expanding my network of contacts in the music industry. It has served me very well and has been a huge learning curve for me. read full review
Overall my university experience has been very good indeed. My academic expectations have been met ie. I have been pushed hard and I feel that it is a very worthwhile experience. Admin...not so hot. read full review

MA in History


Charlotte Pettitt - October 2018

love the university and university life. feel like I have definitely become more myself and grown into my own personality and had lots of different opportunities and experiences which allow me to do so. read full review
A really disapoint I think. Sad I came to here. Courses are kind a okay but still they are so easy for me. I would like to at least some challenge. My apartment is small and dirty. read full review