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Cognitive Development and Disorders MSc

Cognitive Development and Disorders MSc

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MSc - Master of Science

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Psychology (General)

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This course combines psychological theory, research, and application to the study of cognitive functioning, its typical development through childhood and ageing, and its deficits as encountered in a range of disordered populations. While studying with us, you'll draw on theory from multiple perspectives including cognitive, clinical, health, educational, biological, and social psychology, along with neuropsychology, neuroscience, and gerontology. This course will improve your psychological understanding of cognitive development and its disorders; demonstrate how this understanding informs the development and application of new real-world techniques for improving the assessment of cognitive functioning; develop your understanding of the diagnosis of deficits, delivery of support and intervention, training in education, gerontology and clinical implications
provide an advanced understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

On this course, you'll be taught and supervised by subject experts at the forefront of current research; actively publishing in their areas of expertise. This gives you the opportunity to learn from those currently working with the NHS, industry, and charities to improve educational, developmental, clinical, and health outcomes. We offer high quality research-led teaching and you’ll be actively encouraged to engage in ongoing research. Much of this research is collaborative with government departments, research councils, the NHS and industry. We offer a lively learning environment with modern facilities for teaching and research, which aims to produce graduates equipped with current knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge to different populations. This course was designed to be versatile and opens up a range of career paths for our graduates. It is highly suitable for students wishing to pursue a research-oriented path, as the MSc course forms a sound basis for further PhD study. The wide coverage of cognition and its development in healthy and clinical groups supports paths into careers including clinical and educational psychology.

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On completion of this module students should be able to submit a detailed project proposal, plan and conduct a substantial research project (including a detailed and critically evaluative literature review);demonstrate specialised knowledge in a specific research area; employ appropriate research methods for the specific research topic; utilise at least one form of appropriate qualitative or quantitative data analysis with competence; report a substantial research project competently in a manner consistent with a published journal article; deliver an oral presentation on the findings of the research in the format of an academic conference paper.

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Entry requirements

Students need a bachelor degree with a 2:1 (hons) in psychology or a discipline containing a substantial amount of psychology and research methods training. We accept a range of international equivalent qualifications.