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University of Leicester

By ,Written on Mar 09 , 2018

Mass Communications MA

Overall Rating

I haven't really enjoyed studying with leicester. I don't feel they've been very communicative or that my course has been well put together. It seems like they've just given me the same reading notes as they've used the last 10 years without updating them at all and then when I ask for help they don't really want to give answers. There's no real chance to have a discussion with anyone about the materials so it can feel like you're not really processing any learning, and there's no real chances to visit the campus or feel part of the community.

Student Union

I'm rarely on campus so don't really get involved with them. I don't think they really do anything for off-campus students.

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Clubs and Societies

Don't know.

Uni Facilities

I don't really access on campus facilities, but the electronic systems could definitely be better,

Course and Lecturers

My course is distance based so we don't see lecturers in person. I think I expected there to be more contact with the lecturers though, and there is no opportunity to discuss ideas or materials with other students.

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City Life

Don't know.

Job Prospects

I haven't really used the careers department much but I don't feel the media department has been bothered about enhancing our employability at all.

Student Support

Tutors are not really useful on my course, they never return any assignment feedback on time and take days to respond to emails, often with not very clear answers.

As a distance student I don't feel I have any support from elsewhere in the uni or that I can access any of the same facilities as on campus students, even though the course has affected my mental health.

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