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University of Lincoln

By ,Written on Feb 26 , 2019

Management and International Relations MSc

Overall Rating

I really enjoyed my university experience overall and I feel it has completely changed me as a person, in the most positive way possible. Meeting people from across the world, hearing other opinions and developing my professionalism has really broadened my horizon. Of course there have been several obstacles along the way and it wasn't always rainbows and butterflies but I do believe that those experiences only helped me grow. I'd do it all over the same way again if I had the choice.

Student Union

I think our SU offers a lot of great opportunities and I enjoy how there is something for everyone and if there isn't something for you, you can set up your own society or sport fairly easily. I have been an academic rep since starting my UG and have always been very passionate about it. However, with time and getting involved in other aspects I do believe the politics of the SU can become quite "annoying" in terms of things that have to be approved, taken into consideration etc.

However, I am a great fan of the Lincoln SU and I believe there are a number of amazing opportunities they offer and push and I believe it is quite easy and not intimidating to get involved.

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Clubs and Societies

I am not involved in any of them as I am busy as it is with other things.

Uni Facilities

I LOVE the facilities at Lincoln. The buildings are all modern, clean and never out of order. There are regular refurbishments of teaching areas, public areas and accommodation. Lincoln is an absolutely beautiful campus and by far the prettiest out of all the ones I have seen in the UK. However, I am doing a business course therefore I also don't need special equipment like sciences might and cannot say anything about their state. Slowly but surely the library is reaching its full capacity here at Lincoln, especially during the day and deadline/exam season. However, I am aware the University is constantly working on creating new and alternative learning spaces (i.e. Post graduate lounge) to give students the best learning experience possible.

Course and Lecturers

Having been part of an exceptional UG programme within the same university I do feel like my masters is not quite up to the same standard I must admit. This is partially down to doing a Masters that runs across different colleges with a lot of different teaching staff involved and not having as much of a close contact to supervisors and personal tutors compared to my UG. However, I do enjoy getting insights in all these different areas I haven't studied before and I enjoy how this course challenges me to a level I have not experienced often before.

City Life

Lincoln is a small city but very student led. I don't enjoy nights out clubbing but appreciate the variety of bars and restaurants Lincoln as to offer for a nice meal and drink with friends as well as the unique restaurants, boutiques and tea rooms we have up the hill. I perceive Lincoln as fairly save, even at night and I just love living here, partially cause everything is in really close proximity to each other. A walk up the hill to the castle and cathedral and for some food truly feel like a day trip away from uni stress, even though you havent even left the city. I really enjoy that.

Job Prospects

From my personal experience the Careers and Employability Centre have been beyond helpful throughout my time at Uni. I go in regularly for quick questions, the drop in sessions or to make an appointment and suit my CV to a specific job application. When looking for a placement I felt like I was encouraged strongly by the University and the Business School to go ahead with it and while the Careers and Employability Team were very supportive in technical terms, my programme leader and personal tutor were there for me in terms of mental encouragement and support.

I also believe Lincoln and our SU offer a massive variety of opportunities to get involved and develop transferable skills, whether that's through part time or ambassador work or academic opportunities such as becoming a course/school rep, sitting on validation panels for new courses or being involved in the hiring process of new academic staff.

I believe that the personal and professional development I have undergone at university probably even outshines my academic one, which is something I am incredibly proud of and that I feel sets me apart from other candidates when applying to jobs.

Student Support

I always felt I was able to receive help when I needed it and the university offers a lot in terms of academic and personal support. Academic staff is being very understanding when it comes to students' struggles and mental health. However, I do feel the services available and level of commitment to student well being, especially nowadays with mindfulness and mental health concerns increasing, should and could be promoted better and also the network and available staff could be bigger, just to decrease waiting time for counselling appointments etc.

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